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Microfine Filters ™, is believe in providing high quality filtration products for industries. In which filtration is considered a critical part of the manufacturing process.

We have decades of experience applying filters in critical processes from high purity chemical filtration in electronics production of ultra pure water in food and beverage industries. We understand that your filtration processes are critical to the success of your business. We use our experience to provide the filters you need at a cost that may surprise you.

Our pleated and membrane are cartridges are manufactured in cleanroom environment to meet the requirements of electronics, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

We can also provide OEM manufacture specialty filtration cartridges to replace any cartridge from other known brands. Given our experience in the filtration industry we can also provide your company with services such as filter engineering and consulting. Let us benchmark your filtration process to determine if you are getting the best performance and results for your money. Choose your industry from the list, or explore our products to learn more - or Contact Microfine Filtration to ask how we can work together to find your high quality, cost-effective filtration solutions.

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