At Microfine Filters™ we understand the criticality of filters used to manufacture semiconductors, flat panel displays, data storage media, photovoltaics and the chemicals used in the making of these devices.

With our wide range of products, we can provide filters for any volume of liquid or gas required in your process. All of our products for electronics industry are made in clean rooms hence minimizing risk of any unwanted contamination


Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Please refer below for a list of our products for specific processes

Chemical Mechanical Polishing solutions have improved the process of creating multi-layer semiconductor circuits. By making the layers a uniform thickness, they allow the reliable deposition of multiple layers. The polishing process is repeated after each layer is created.

Bulk Filtration

Bulk filtration is performed at both the slurry manufacturers and in slurry mixing and distribution systems at fabrication facilities. Because of the very high particulate loading of the slurries, multiple cartridges may be used to progressively remove oversized particulates from large volumes of solution to the level required by the polishing tools.

Point-of-Use Filtration

The final filters to protect the polishing process are in the tools at the fabrication facility. The point-of-use filter system will remove oversized particulates and, if the solution is recirculated, remove polishing debris.

Microfine Filters™ offers APP Series of Melt Blown Polypropylene filters for use in CMP slurries (Melt Blown APP Series)

Facilities Water

Water treatment is a critical part of any electronics manufacturing process.

At Microfine Filters, we believe we have the filters ensure smooth operation of any DIW plant.

System Prefiltration

The removal of sediment and other suspended particles is critical to the efficient, cost effective operation of any membrane treatment system. Performed using depth filtration media, this preserves RO membrane performance and can reduce the frequency of RO membrane cleaning. Microfine Filters NPP series cartridges are an excellent choice for this application (Melt Blown NPP Series)

Resin Trap

Treated water passes through multiple deionization resin processes in electronics ultrapure (18+ megohm) water systems (usually dual beds but may be a mixed bed). Resin can break down over time and particulate can escape the resin vessel, so filters are used to trap the particles and prevent their contamination of downstream treatment processes. Microfine Filters have both depth and Pleated filters for this application. Actual selection can be made based on operating condition of individual system

Distribution Loop Polishing Filtration

After primary treatment, the ultrapure water enters the tank system for a distribution loop. The loop continuously circulates the flow through a series of polishing treatments including additional deionization and membrane polishing filtration. Filtration acts as both resin trap and fine particle contamination control for particle sizes as small as 0.04 microns. Microfine Filters ExPleat PSA and PSS series filters are an excellent choice for this application

Chemical Filtration

Filtration is critical in a number of chemical distribution and use applications. All liquid chemicals used during production must be free from contaminants to preserve process yields and protect process efficiency. Critical steps in assuring contaminant free chemicals are the bulk and point-of-use filtration of those chemicals.

Distributing Ultrapure Chemicals

How much filtration is required for chemical distribution depends on the initial quality of the chemicals, the storage system, the distribution equipment and the environmental conditions at your facility. Using the wide range of Microfine Filters products from depth filters to high purity membranes, chemical distribution filtration can help improve your yields.

Point-of-Use Filtration

The last contamination control step before any cleaning chemical, photoresist, etchant or stripper contacts a wafer or substrate is the filter used in the tool at the point of dispensing or in the recirculation loop. Membrane filters with compatible materials will help prevent defects by removing particulate and agglomerates to the 0.04 micron level.

Following products from Microfine Filters can help achieve optimal chemical filtration


Plating processes for semiconductor or data storage are critical to the manufacturing of reliable products. Electroless nickel is plated on aluminum substrate for data storage media. Copper is deposited on semiconductors to create the functioning circuits. Particulate contaminants in either metals solution cause defects and reduce yields.

Microfine Filters offers several depth and membrane options to provide high efficiency, cost effective filter performance.

Parts Washing for HDD

Microfine Filters provides a broad portfolio of liquid filters for detergent, cutting, diamond CMP, CMP cleaning, photoresist coating, HMDS, thinner, developer, DI water, stripping, cleaning and jig coating chemistries and processes in hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturing applications such as device and mass storage memory.

Gas Filtration

Contamination control for gases can improve yields by removing particulates that cause defects in wafers or substrates. Gas distribution and point-of-use systems are all designed to maintain purity, but filtration is required to insure against system upsets. Using filter products made using polypropylene or PTFE membranes media can help assure your yields.