Vent / Air Filtration

Controlling the contamination of cell cultrue media, buffers, finished pharmaceutical solutions, beverages or product ingredients while in storage is a critical process. The air around tanks is full of airborne bacteria and other contaminants.

The air used to purge or dry systems may also enter the facility loaded with unwanted elements. Even process gases from reliable suppliers can contain particulates or organic contaminants that could harm your processes or finished products. Air or gas filtration system design is based on the conditions found on site. The bacteria or other contaminants found in processes may be endemic to the location of the facility (dust, molds, airborne bacteria) or they could be inadvertently created or introduced during the process.

Particulate Removal

Particulate filtration may not be needed unless outside air is being brought directly into the facility for process use. Most facilities use HEPA filtration, but small volume air flows may be filtered for particulates using Microfine Filter cartridges.

Bacterial Control and Sterile Filtration

Removing bacteria is the ultimate goal of vent and process gas filtration for pharmaceutical or food and beverage operations. Whether to sterile levels or only to significantly reduce bacterial load, Microfine Filters has membrane and media filters for the level of control you need.

Bio Burden Reduction

Controlling bacterial contamination in both pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical solutions is a critical process. Filter system design is based on the assumption that bacteria is likely to be found in the solution either because they are part of the process (biopharmaceutical) or endemic to the location of the facility (molds, airborne bacteria).

The choice of filtration devices and methods is critical to the quality of the liquid that will be delivered for downstream processing or final filling.

Another element of the bioburden control function is vent and process gas filtration. Protecting liquids stored in tanks from contamination as well as preventing the introduction of unwanted particulate matter with process air or gases is also critical to the cost effective operation of a pharmaceuticals or biopharmaceuticals operation.

Microfine Filters offers the following products that address the above mentioned concerns.