Absolute Bag Filters

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These absolute rated filter bags are made up of Polypropylene microfibres, constructed entirely without seams. This unique material composition allows for a higher efficiency, with graded pore-size distribution creating absolute filtration. Thermally bonded microfibres create a seamless filter bag that has high tensile strength, providing superior resistance to channeling, unloading, bypass and other forms of traditional leakage that result from pulsating water. The benefit of using this advanced filter bag is precise particle retention. The AB series filter bag is an ideal product for use in a wide variety of high-purity applications, where absolute filtration is required.
Absolute Bag Filters
  • Innovative media that provides high particle removal efficiency.
  • Gradient pore structure limits particle unloading.
  • Wide chemical compatibility with >99% efficiency.
  • Free of adhesive, resins and binders.
  • Beer, wine, spirits and beverage filtration
  • Fine particle removal in parts cleaning
  • Final filtration of lacquers
  • Final filtration of vinegar
  • Activated carbon removal in process systems
  • Hydraulic oils and lubricants
  • Micron Rating (㎛):0.5,1,5,10,25,50
  • Recommended Operating Differential Pressure:≦1.5 kg/cm2
  • Max. Operating Differential Pressure:≦2 kg/cm2
  • Max. Operating Temperature:80℃





Bag Material

Removal Rating


Collar Type

ABP: Polypropylene

A20 - 0.5 um


SS: Stainless Steel


001 - 1 um


CS: Carbon Steel


005 - 5 um


FP: F Type Polypropylene*


010 - 10 um


GP: G Type  Polypropylene^


025 - 25 um


NC: Non Collar


050 – 50 um


BC: Band

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