HVAC Filters

Nominal Bag Filters

Pre Filter

These filters are widely used as primary or pre-filters in Fan Coil Units (FCU), Air Handling Units (AHU). The pleated air filters utilizes a state-of-the-art 100% synthetic media to achieve exceptionally high levels of efficiency with the lowest resistance to air flow available. The filters are extremely effective in removing many airborne irritants such as pollens, molds, dander, and dust. The low resistance improves air flow and can greatly reduce energy costs. Available in nominal depths of 1″, 2″ and 4″.

Absolute Bag Filters

Pocket Filter

The Pocket Filters are designed as primary or secondary filters in heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems. Various depths and pocket configurations are offered to accommodate any type of HVAC equipment. Superior dust-holding capabilities allow these filters to be used in most commercial and industrial applications as well as hospitals, automotive plants and biotechnology facilities.

Oil Absorbing Bag Filters

Mini-Pleat Panel

"C-Cell Minipleat filters are widely used in all applications. With minipleat design, the inline filter depth is only 4” as compared to traditional secondary 12” depth filters. High media area and low pressure drop allows long life usage. This filter is used in replacement of secondary 12” depth filters or to extend replacement periods in electronics & injectable production, pharmaceutical production, nuclear establishments, industrial and chemical processing, hospitals and laboratories, AHU of biosafety laboratories, public and office buildings, airport airconditioning systems, pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, gas turbines and plastics manufacturing."

High Efficiency Bag Filters


"These mini-pleated V-bank filters use glass fiber or synthetic mediawith efficiency in 65%, 85%, and 95%. The frame can be galvanized steel, ABS or aluminum. These filters are suitable for almost any application, such as PRE FILTER for power generating facilities, or FINAL FILTER for high-tech industries. Our V-Bank Mini-pleat offer a unique combination of performance and design features to provide high filtration efficiency that may result in a significant reduction in energy consumption and total cost of operation. Using years of our experience, these commercial HVAC filters offer an industry leading combination of low pressure drop, robust efficiency and extremely high dirt holding capacity. "

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