Chemicals, Oil and Gas

Gas Sweetening Processes

Refineries and Natural Gas processing facilities require proper removal of solid contaminants from the recirculating amine streams. Improper solids removal can lead to excessive contactor tower plugging , heat exchanger, reboiler, and carbon bed fouling.

Microfine Filters offers a range of proven filter cartridge and bag product solutions for use in this application.

  • Improves amine system operational efficiency
  • Reduces fouling of system components (heat exchangers, tower internals)
  • Reduces amine solution foaming tendencies
  • Reduces corrosivity of recirculating amine solution
Process Water

Most chemical/petrochemical plants have a utilities section which supplies process water to the production areas. Water can be used as fluid for rinsing vessels (tanks, vials, bottles), as a dilution fluid, as quench/wash fluid for final product, heat exchanger fluid, and as a reaction medium. The quality of water depends upon its end use. Regardless of where the water is used, it is necessary to remove particles and bacteria. Unfiltered water can foul downstream equipment which leads to costly repair and downtime, and contaminate catalysts which in turn can lower conversion rates and process yields.

Microfine Filters provide the following products for filtration of process water

Injection Water Filtration

Proper injection water quality is critical to prevent well formation plugging which can lead to reduced oil production and increased well workover requirements. Microfine Filters offers HCU and HPU series High Flow filter cartridges for this critical application. These can handle up to 500 gpm, resulting in fewer required filters compared to traditional 2.5” diameter cartridges.